Hi.  We’re glad you’re here! We have set up this blog so we can share the photographs we take on our trip with you. We will be posting entries here regularly (subject to the availability of an Internet connection, of course). You will be able to see the pictures, read about what we’re doing and make comments, if you’d like.

Thanks for stopping by!

Leaving Now

Kira guarding our luggage

…and now the fun really begins! We are an hour away from pick up to go to the airport and as you can see Kira is guarding our luggage.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by thunderstorms and the radio says that we are looking at an hour and a half delay. Of course we cannot get through to the airline and we can’t risk being late for an international flight so we will probably leave on time and sit in the lounge. In general, delays are domestic oriented because with international flights, they throw you in the air knowing that they’ll figure it out on the other side nine hours later.

And away we go…!

We’re in Vilnius!

Hi. We flew from Newark Airport today to Vilnius Lithuania by way of Frankfurt.  We left out house at 230p on Monday and  stepped into our Hotel at 4p Vilnius time on Tuesday.  We walked around the old town to acclimate ourselves to the city and the time zone. The architecture is beautiful and the old cobblestone streets are so quaint.

Here are a few shots of what we saw today.  Click on the first image and it will open in a lightbox in the center of your screen.  Use your mouse to click and see the next photo or use the arrow keys to  step through the images at your own pace.

Day 1 and 2 in Vilnius

Debbie did a great job describing our tour and experiences in Vilnius…if you haven’t read it, click here to read her post.

I took photos too!  There are so many lovely textures and contrasting architectures; it was great to see.  All of it was overshadowed by the emotions that came from seeing the old ghettos, learning of the persecutions, hearing about the mass executions.  Here are some glimpses of what we saw.