Vilnius Day 1

These pictures were taken on our first lap around the hotel area- which essentially encompasses the old city of Vilnius. They were taken before we met up with the rest of the people on our tour last night and we had relatively no information about these sites except what might have appeared on a plaque nearby. So the pictures are just of some things that caught my eye (and of course, Mike’s- hence some duplicates!) At first glance, the city is filled with young people– the university is nearby— well dressed— not unlike people we would see on any street in Manhattan. The city squares have been re-done with an influx of money, we later learned, from UNESCO as Vilnius was named the culture capital of Europe several years ago- a title that moves locations every two years. With the title came funds and they were well utilized to modernize the streets while keeping the integrity of the old historic buildings.  The weather has been cool and intermittent rain showers– the locals always carry umbrellas this time of year and our hotel has plenty in the lobby! The language, Lithuanian, is not recognizable to me at all. It’s not slavic but rather, more like a nordic language. But most people speak English– especially the young people who work in the hotel and in the local restaurants. The city is clean except for the tremendous amount of graffiti all throughout. So far, so good!


  1. Looks and sounds wonderful! Have a great time.

  2. The pictures look great. Hope your have a great time. Miss you guys.