Leaving Now

Kira guarding our luggage

…and now the fun really begins! We are an hour away from pick up to go to the airport and as you can see Kira is guarding our luggage.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by thunderstorms and the radio says that we are looking at an hour and a half delay. Of course we cannot get through to the airline and we can’t risk being late for an international flight so we will probably leave on time and sit in the lounge. In general, delays are domestic oriented because with international flights, they throw you in the air knowing that they’ll figure it out on the other side nine hours later.

And away we go…!


  1. And what about Kira? She doesn’t appear to be thrilled with your planned adventure. Who is babysitting her?

  2. Am I the only one following this trip? I sure hope Debbie posts a time or two.

  3. Hey Arnie!  We just landed in Frankfurt. Debbie might post when we take some photos in Vilnius. Ciao