Mike’s Duffel Bag

So now the fun starts. Packing for two weeks is fine. Packing when it’s going to be cooler and rainy in some places and warmer in others…not so much.  Anyway, we’re getting excited to go and we’ll be packing in earnest today when we get back from Becca’s birthday brunch.

Debbie and I will each take a duffel bag…mine is to the left.  We’ll be touring a lot of the time so it’s jeans and casual wear for the most part.  There may be a couple of more fancy dinners so I’ll bring a sports jacket and (ugh) a tie.  Given that it’s north, I’m thinking that my North Face will be worn a lot.

As the designated dweeb, I’m responsible for the electronics.  Most devices have a charger that auto adapts to 110 or 220 and I have a bagful of plug adapters. I also have a couple of converters but those are probably not necessary.  I have a rechargeable battery pack that can charge two devices at a time: plugs for our ipads, kindle, iphone and blackberry are included.  We can’t be running out of juice, you know!

And camera equipment, of course.  I’m bringing my Nikon D200 DSLR and a smaller compact camera…in February, I got the new Canon G1X. It takes great photos and shoots in RAW so I’ll use it most often.  It’s way lighter than my big camera; I like that a lot. Debbie will borrow Lynn’s point and shoot, in case she’s moved to shoot too.

Each of our hotels is supposed to have wifi so I’ll bring my Mac so we can post to the blog regularly and keep up with email.

So that’s our deal, so far.  We look forward to sharing with you!