St. Petersburg- some additions and last thoughts

I forgot to include one of the highlights of our visit to St. Petersburg– the Choral Synagogue. It is an orthodox synagogue housed in a building erected late in the 19th century– that remained intact throughout the wars and communist reign. It is absolutely beautiful, and Mike will post some pictures soon However, Mike did post the cantor’s concert he performed for us in the special wedding chapel that is in the synagogue. Here’s the link to the cantor’s concert.

The synagogue is incredibly active- they had 38 bar mitzvahs last year and about 2 weddings each month. There is kosher restaurant and a kosher butcher nearby, and they don’t seem to have any trouble gathering 10 men each morning to have services.

Our last night in St. Petersburg was wonderful! we had a special dinner with our tour mates in the hotel, and we were treated to a wonderful concert of classical music and a ballet performance during dessert! And we presented our wonderful tour leader, Kori Northtrop with a birthday gift (it’s her birthday tomorrow!) and the restaurant came out with a cake and sparklers, and the musicians played “Happy Birthday” and we all sang to Kori. She has been wonderful and she seemed both touched and happy with our small gesture to acknowledge her on her birthday. On to Moscow!