Tallinn-Day 4 and 5 (so far)

We drove from Riga to Tallinn stopping at another Baltic sea town called Parnu along the way for lunch and a look at the sea. Tallinn is in Estonia and bears little resemblance in language nor design to the other Baltic countries we traveled. The Nordic influence is quite apparent. We see it in the furniture, in the written language and in the restaurants. Borscht was better in Vilnius!

We toured the lower part of the old city yesterday afternoon. Lots of cobblestone streets and old structures now filled with restaurants, clubs and Madison avenue type shops. It too is a very lively young city and this way, much like Riga and Vilnius.

We will tour the upper old city this morning -in the rain- before getting on the ferry to Helsinki!

The hotel is very modern and sleekly furnished-high end ikea- great drinks from the 30th floor bar last night with fun and interesting tour mates!, preceded by a delicious dinner at Gloria-great and beautiful restaurant. The food has been too plentiful and delicious. We did use the gym before dinner last night but I am sure it didn’t make a dent! Medifast when we get home!


  1. Hope Debbie had a wonderful Birthday in Helsinki. Your posts have been great. We are enjoying your trip with you.